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Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud

A few months ago an idea was born. Deep into the pandemic, Jerome Home stood strong and did its best to get through these tough times. We received - and continue to receive - a lot of support from the outside - from families, friends, organizations, businesses, and our own community.

Greg Sieron, dining director, and Teresa Wells, quality director, wanted to somehow put this all together into a memorable appreciation piece to showcase all that we have received. With help from Zbigniew Sokolowski - dining department employee who is also a professional artist - a painted mural idea became a reality.

The mural, which is located outside of Lori Toombs’ office, executive director, now boasts a beautiful rainbow with two picture collages of all the great things that happened to us during these not so great times. The rainbow is tied together with a beautiful quote from Dr. Maya Angelou. It reads: “Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.”

We thank everyone who has supported us during this difficult time!

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Quality, privacy, and loving care are the cornerstones of Jerome Home's reputation for excellence. Since 1932, we have specialized in maintaining the greatest degree of personal freedom and function for all of our residents.

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