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Volunteer Appreciate Event Held at Jerome Home/Arbor Rose

In honor of National Volunteer Week, Jerome Home/Arbor Rose recognized 33 volunteers. Volunteers were recognized on Wednesday, April 20 at 975 Corbin Ave., New Britain for their commitments to the elderly community. 

Opening the event with a few words from Executive Director of Arbor Rose, Lori Toombs. “A minute makes a world of a difference. We recognize each one of you for your services because it is so special to our residents. You are priceless to us, we can’t thank you enough,” Executive Director of Arbor Rose, Lori Toombs.

Each volunteer was recognized by name and service by Life Enrichment Director and Volunteer Coordinator of Jerome Home, Jenna Sweet and Activities Director of Arbor Rose, Donna Valente, with a presentation, handwritten thank you note from all the residents and a gift card.

Pictured from the left are volunteers Louise Cody, Diane Poplowski and Executive Director of Arbor Rose, Lori Toombs enjoying the main course of the dinner.

Pictured from the left are volunteers Louise Cody, Diane Poplowski and Executive Director of Arbor Rose, Lori Toombs enjoying the main course of the dinner.

Volunteers are an integral part of the Jerome Home/Arbor Rose team that is important to the enhancement and enrichment of the senior community. Volunteer services include:

Concierge Services: escorts to programs, hair salon, GoodLife Fitness and walking paths. Honored volunteers include: 

  • Diane Poplowski 
  • Lori DelVaglio

Companionship and Resident Visit: spend 1:1 time with residents while enjoying various activities like reading or baking. Honored volunteers include: 

  • David Gorski companion to the Polish community. 
  • Terry Moylan visits blind residents.
  • Pam Bombrowski

Life Stories: booklets published by Shutterfly for residents of their life stories. Honored volunteers include: 

  • Karen Palmunen 
  • Carol Haddad helps 
  • Nancy Roman helps 
  • Kelly Shea-Gallagar 

Pet Therapy: a guided interaction between a resident and a rained animal. Allowing residents to cope with emotional, physical and mental disorders. Volunteer, Linda Nadeau brings her furry friend to the community.  

Recreational Assistants: assist in programs such as bingo, social hour, music, and escorts residents to outings. Honored volunteers include: 

  • Eveie Ramos
  • Hannah Aldridge 
  • Joyce Chan
  • Nathan Papandrea
  • Susan Cellino
  • Lily Freer
  • Lori DelVaglio

Spiritual Services: can include communion, prayers and massage therapy of all religious affiliations. Honored volunteers include: 

  • Barbara Cass 
  • Mary Fournier 
  • Ann Gurr 
  • Hilda Perez 
  • Bob and Judy Anderson 
  • Jeanne Wischenbart 
  • Gail Steele 
  • Lori ChudziK 
  • Barbara Kirejczyk 
  • Patty Bedard 
  • Joan Vancor 
  • Karyl Beloin 
  • Dennis and Mary Beaupre 
  • Sister Barbara 
  • Louise Cody 
  • Pam Bombrowski

For those interested in learning more about Jerome Home or volunteer opportunities, please visit or call Jenna Sweet at 860.356.8236.

Jerome Home, which offers skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation, residential care, memory care and assisted living, is affiliated with Hartford HealthCare Senior Services. Jerome Home is located at 975 Corbin Ave., New Britain. For more information about Jerome Home, visit

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